Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

United Christian Medical Service Nursery School

Our school is a hospital-affiliated nursery school. We are committed to nurture children’s all-round development with an emphasis on creative arts and environmental education. Additionally, We develop independent learning skills in our children through free play.

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Welcome to the United Christian Med Service Nursery School (UCMSNS) website. We are proud to nurture local children and watch them grow and take steps toward learning and discovering the word.

Praise for our school and teachers from parents
K2 Class – Jeffer Lin’s mom
“Thank you, Teacher OnKi for always teaching Jeffer professionally. His progress is inseparable from your education and care. From a child who was ignorant before entering the kindergarten, he has been raiseda polite child. It is all beacuse of the hard work of the teacher.”
K1 Class – Vienna Yip’s mom
“I am grateful to Teacher Yoyo for teaching Vienna. She learned the rules and self-discipline. Providing better teaching based on our family situation . I also appreciate Teacher Poyan for taking good care of  Vienna. She could even pay attention to Vienna’s hair style and took care of Vienna warmly. Thank you for being the best principal and encouraging Vienna so she could fill herself with positive energy.”
K.3 Class – Ally Tong’s mom
“Thank you for your care and enthusiasm in the education process. My kid has learned the concepts of sharing, self-care and caring for others.”
K.1 Class – Franki Tong’s mom
“Franki is a slow and shy child. I’m grateful for her teachers’ endless patience and love, helping her make the transition to kindergarten.”
Additional Resources
1. Our school was granted $301,905 by the Commission on Children under the “Funding Scheme for Children’s Well-being and Development” to implement the “Play Together” project which promotes play-based learning.

2. Our school was granted $20,000 from the Education Bureau under the “Kindergarten Education Scheme Enhancement Grant for School Websites” to improve our school website.

3. Our school was granted $51,480 under the “Home-School Co-operation Grants” (2020/21 school year) for the recurrent PTA grant and the home-school cooperation activities grant.

4. Our school was granted $7,000 for greening activities under the “Greening School Subsidy Scheme” organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

5. Our school received a donation of “Play with Kids” Parent-Child Boxes from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for our 60 tudents to encourage the parent-child interactions and promote harmonious family environment.

6. Our school was granted $101,422 from the “JC Kindergarten Digital Capacity Enhancement Scheme” to support the purchase of computers, and to facilitate the procurement of filming and editing software for training our teachers in the use of electronic equipment and multimedia devices.

7. Our school was granted $84,900 from the EDB’s “Book Grant Scheme” and “Small Craft and Resource Kit Scheme” to help school provide educational and fun learning activities at home.

8. In 2021/2022 our school was granted $10,140 from the EDB under the “Promotion of Reading Grant for Kindergartens Pilot Scheme” for purchasing books and promoting reading activities among our students.