Our Early Childhood Education Service will organize the “Children’s Creative Arts Exhibition” at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Center from 26th to 29th April 2024. This exhibition, titled “Embrace the world with childlike innocence “, displays more than 300 two-dimensional, semi-three-dimensional and three-dimensional creations created by more than 410 young artists from their kindergartens and nursery schools. Children used rich lines and various colors to lead the public into their big world and experience the beautiful nature, full of vitality and interesting animals and plants. We hope that the public will work together to promote environmental protection and contribute to the sustainability of the earth.


In order to enable parents and the public to experience the joy of art creation and the plasticity of various materials. We also invited 25 local artists and art workers to lead a diversified “Parent-Child Art Workshop”, which is a rare opportunity. In addition, “postcards” were launched and designed by children for public to purchase. After deducting necessary expenses, the money will be allocated to the Children’s Art Development Fund to support the continued development of children’s art.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

United Christian Medical Service Nursery School

Our school is a hospital-affiliated nursery school. We are committed to nurture children’s all-round development with an emphasis on creative arts and environmental education. Additionally, We develop independent learning skills in our children through free play.

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Welcome to the United Christian Med Service Nursery School (UCMSNS) website. We are proud to nurture local children and watch them grow and take steps toward learning and discovering the word.

Praise for our school and teachers from parents
K.2 Class – Gianna’s parents
“The best way to learn is to learn from the best. Thank you for inspiring Gianna.”
K.2 Class – Denny’s parents
“You have taught me more than the books. You have taught me the ABC of life. You are not just a teacher to me, you are also an inspiration. Lucky to have you as guide.”
K.2 Class – Sing Lok’s parents
“Thank you for educating Sing Lok with lots of patience. I appreciate all the care and support you’ve given to Sing Lok!”
K.2 Class – Rowan’s parents
“Thank you very much for taking care of Rowan. We appreciate that you have good observation and teaching skills for every students.”
K.3 & P.N. Class – Aiden and Bethany’s parents
“Thank you for your patience, kindness and understanding. ”
K.3 Class – Andrea’s parents
“Your patience and initiative teachs each students, making them more appreciative, creative and confident in learning.”
K.3 Class – Zenith’s parents
“Thank you for chatting with Zenith frequently! You supported and encouraged him to speak more English. Thank you.”
K.3 Class – Frankie’s parents
“Thank you for being my teacher, for teaching me all I need to know.”
K.3 Class – Tsz Yu’s parents
“Thank you for creating a warm and fun learning environment for your students. My son has shared lots of stories about your class and he always says you are more than just a teacher to him.”
K.2 Class – Robin’s parents
“Thank you for taking care of Robin. Robin said he loved to play with you. We hope Robin has more interactions with you for the coming school life.”
K.2 Class – Yumi’s parents
“Your teaching and guidance, Yumi speaks highly of you and always share how great is her school life. Thank you so much!”
P.N. Yanis’s parents
“Teaching and taking care of Yanis! Though Yanis is a bit emotional, you are still patient to calm her down.Thank you for your dedication!”
Additional Resources
  1. Our school was granted $138,000 from the Quality Education Fund under the “My Pledge to Act – Be grateful and treasure what we have, stay positive and optimistic” to implement national education activities which promotes children’s understanding of Chinese culture and cultivates national identity.
  2. Our school was granted $200,000 from the Education Bureau under the “Supply Teacher Grant” to enhance teachers’ abilities and promote their professional development which boosts the school’s sustainable development and organizes school-based courses related to teachers’ professional development. It is also able to improve teaching quality or strengthen the support for students.
  3. Our school was granted $100,000 from the Education Bureau under the “One-off Grant For Parents” to subsidize the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) for organizing parent education courses and optimizing the “Parents’ Corner” page on the school’s website.
  4. Our school received a subsidy of $51,956 from the Education Bureau under the “Home-School Co-operation Grants” (2023/2024) for the purpose of Parent-Teacher Association regular subsidy, home-school cooperative activity subsidy and joint home-school cooperative activity plan.
  5. Our school was granted $10,920 from the Education Bureau under the “Kindergarten Activity Grant” (2023/2024) to organize experiential learning activities outside the classroom.
  6. Our school was granted $10,519 from the Education Bureau under the “Reading Grant (Kindergarten)” (2023/2024) to purchase books and promote reading activities.
  7. Our school was granted $52,380 from the Education Bureau under the “Grant for Support to non-Chinese speaking (NCS) Students” (2023/2024) to provide teaching resources and organize cultural inclusion activities.
  8. Our school received a subsidy of $53,000 from the Education Bureau under the “Renovation Grant” (2023/2024) for school renovation projects.
  9. Our school was granted $50,000 from the Education Bureau under the “Procurement of Ventilation Assessment Service” and “Procurement of Air Purifiers” to purchase professional services and conduct ventilation testing. It is ensured the school adopts appropriate ventilation measures and has sufficient ventilation facilities.
  10. Our school received a subsidy of $3,000 from the Education Bureau to purchase the national flag and update related equipment, such as, movable flagpole.
  11. Our school was granted $84,900 from the Education Bureau under the “Gift Book Scheme” and “Do It Yourself (DIY) Handicraft and Home Learning Package Scheme (Learning Package Scheme)” to promote children’s home learning activities.
  12. Our school was granted $4,000 for garden planting and greening activities from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department under the “Greening School Subsidy Scheme”.ndergartens Pilot Scheme” for purchasing books and promoting reading activities among our students.